How can I make a payment?
Using our payment methods or gift vouchers You always pay securely, regardless of the method you use.
Transfer by hand You can conveniently and securely transfer the purchase amount using your own bank.
Transfer the balance to: (what is our account number?) Include your invoice number in the transfer. Consider a lengthier processing time than other payment methods (1-3 days).
iDEAL: through your bank's trusted online payment environment
Paypal: You can pay with us using PayPal, an online payment service. PayPal will deposit the funds into the seller's account.

You can pay with PayPal using your bank or giro account, a credit card, or the balance in your PayPal account. PayPal balances can be simply transferred back to your bank account. Your financial information is never shared with the seller. After each payment order from PayPal, the buyer and seller receive proof of payment in their inboxes. When products are not delivered, PayPal can act as a go-between for the customer and seller. Opening a PayPal account is completely free.
In Belgium, Bancontact/MisterCash is a popular payment mechanism.

This is similar to how iDeal works in the Netherlands.
Sofort Banking is a simple direct payment mechanism with a high security level and TÜV-tested personal data protection. Sofort Banking is an internet banking service. This means you make the payment within Sofort Banking's safe environment.
Can I make a payment later?
No, paying with us afterwards is not an option.
How quickly will I be refunded if necessary?
The basis for the return and the chosen form of payment will determine how quickly the money appears in your account. When you return goods to us, we'll hold off on refunding your money until the goods have been received.

Within 5 working days, you'll get the money back in your account.